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Welcome to AMD Counseling!

Hello, My name is Ashley. I am a licensed clinical social worker providing convenient telehealth services to Louisiana and Florida residents. I provide online therapy to people who are struggling with issues related to trauma, relationships, addiction, anxiety, or major life changes. I often work with people are are feeling overwhelmed. People who feel there are some many things to do and not enough time in a day. They tend to have so many spinning plates in the air, that the one that gets dropped most often are themselves.  
My goal is to help people find balance, connection, and healing. No matter where someone is in their life, counseling can help achieve overall wellness. This allows an individual to achieve their goals and to make decisions based on their values.

                                                Individual Counseling Offered For:

                     Anxiety                           Life Transitions                          Trauma                  


         Substance Misuse                     Depression        
                  Coping Skills



Balance, Healing, Connection, Vibrancy